Thank you Goji Berry People!

Hi.. My entire family (including the dog and cat!!) have been on the berries now for about 5  months.. We are all feeling more positive energy and my hubby and I have both lost weight..
The change in my son however has been most dramatic.. He is a 5 year old mercury poisoned child (from vaccinations) and in the autistic spectrum.. He is now much more organized in his movements and thoughts and is starting to talk and is nodding yes and no in order to communicate his desires.. One of the first words he started to say was “Goji Berry”  .. or MY GOJIS.
My son was ‘normal ‘ up until his 18 mos vaccinations after which his arm became swollen, he slept for 3 days had a fever and then after a short period of time, started to lose skills, like talking , coordination, anger management skills ,etc.. previously my son had none of these problems and was just an extremely active toddler.
He eats your Goji berries constantly  .. we have gone ? thru the 11 pound bag in a about 2 months.. and we will be ordering more very soon.   He is on his way to a full recovery, we also have been using homeopathy (thimerisol remedy) and a special diet, along a with a full day therapy program.
Many of the berries he gets do end up on the floor and the cat and the dog scramble over to eat them.. My dog is almost 10 years old and people confuse him for a puppy due to his sleek appearance and abundance of energy..  I also pour the water I use to soak the berries on my animals food in order to give them extra vitamins. I tell everyone ‘Try goji berries, you won’t be disappointed.’
Sincerely, Tara Lubin

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