Hi Julia, Well, you can add this story. I spent Monday night at the ranch of my microscope dealer, a Swiss man married to a Canadian woman. One of the horses, a precious Andalusian mare had been involuntarily forced into premature motherhood. Klaus said the horse had been depressed ever since her encounter with the stud. I spent some time talking to her about her pregnancy and told her I had some special berries in the car that I would bring her. She waited and waited for me to come back. Then, I put a few on the palm of my left hand. They stuck to her teeth and I assured her that this was okay, she could chew some grass afterwards and it would be fine. She ate the grass and then asked for more berries, ate some grass, more berries, more grass, more berries. Well, she was one happy horse after about half an hour of this. Many blessings, Ingrid

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