My tongue is definitely less furrowed, and is not sore anymore.   I lost weight and people are saying, you look good! The Goji berries are also helping clear my skin. I am less anxious and feel really good. Thank you for all of it! be well and happy!   Stephen P

These berries are awesome!

I have lost thirty pounds and have more energy then ever. My blood pressure is not considered high anymore and my cholesterol has lowered. It is true what they say about these berries, they do make you smile!   Sean Artmire

I received this e-mail from my Friend Bradley (Amchi Lekshe) today, and I thought I would share it. I have been taken Goji berry for a year now as part of an herb regime prescribed by Bradley. My first conversations with Amchi Lekshe a year ago were regarding the promotional products called Human Growth Hormone

hi!  my shipment of the Goji berries arrived on christmas eve…better than santa claus!  and the perfect birthday present for me (12/25)!! I use the berries in my morning smoothie and in cereals and cooked rice. I am not depressed anymore and wake up with a buoyant energy! Thank you! Beth Arnold, Ca

I love my berries!

I’ve been eating them since they arrived–usually about 1/4 cup daily, and my painful wrists and ankles have felt increasingly better, stronger, and with a better range of movement.  i noticed improvements within the first month.  Overall, my energy and mood are balanced and consistent–an asset in a professional schedule that is continually different, and

Thanks so much for these wonderful  berries.  I wanted to test them before having any chemical reactions to get a baseline.  It really helped me clear my mind fog.  Also, having caught the island upper respiratory virus – I have found it helps my lungs amazingly.   Sincerely, Dawn M

Incidentally, we shared the batch of Goji berries with a couple friends one of whom is saying the berries are affecting his dreams which seem to be more vivid and he is sure they are influencing them. He is eating the berries like there is no tomorrow and will probably be ordering more before long.

I want to thank you for getting me to try the Goji berries. I can now walk without the use of my medications and I feel happy. I use a handful everyday and I think my eyesight is getting better too. Thank you so much!   Ella Cartwright

Greetings Amchi Lekshe,   I’ve been meaning to write to you for sometime, but have been busy. Over a month ago I went to my new doctor (old one retired and he took over his practice). We discussed various things..among them was how my psorasis has practically disappeared. I told him it was due to