My two children and I have been using your Tibetan Goji berries in our morning cereal for about six months now. I have to say that they have made a big difference my two children’s ability to concentrate and stay focused. They are less manic and have a happy attitude. WOW! Thank you so much

Dr. M. B. Seeth

Dear Goji friends,   I have to tell you that what you are providing has changed my life! I have been using the berries for two months and my eye sight has improved about thirty percent and I have changed my prescription glasses down to a lower magnification. I may not need glasses in a

Hi Amchi Lekshe.  I have been telling people about your Tibetan Goji berries as a possible cure for their psoriasis.  I know several have ordered from you and are having success getting rid of it.  Connie Marsh and Dee Burns come to mind.   Dee Burns has suffered from it for maybe up to twenty

hi there   I have my own buisness and would like to buy wholesale, I think my clients would be gratefull to say the least when they try the goji berry. have sold many products but nothing so natural as this. This berry does a lot for the body in such a little amount of

dear sir or madam,   i recently tasted your goji berries and fell in love with the flavor….  my goodness this must be one of the best kept secrets in the World!!   Anyway, I would like to order 5 bags please so provide me the information to proceed…. thank you for your help and

Dear Goji folks,   My son and I have been enjoying the berries for about three months now and he does not seem to display his hyper activity, he is more on an even keel and can focus his thoughts. I feel I have so much more energy and focus too. We have been using

Dear Goji,   I tried your berries and found them an essential power of healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also help pack these precious Goji berries and find my disposition and outlook on life has improved. Part of this may be because I have more quality time with my daughter while working together with the goji berries. I

Julia – I received the goji and everything is great!  Our UPS delivery didn’t come until 8:00 pm – very late. So thanks for being patient with me and thank you so much for your efficient and correct delivery! I wish some of my other vendors were as reliable. Hope to be doing much more

Hi Julia, Well, you can add this story. I spent Monday night at the ranch of my microscope dealer, a Swiss man married to a Canadian woman. One of the horses, a precious Andalusian mare had been involuntarily forced into premature motherhood. Klaus said the horse had been depressed ever since her encounter with the

Thank you Goji Berry People!

Hi.. My entire family (including the dog and cat!!) have been on the berries now for about 5  months.. We are all feeling more positive energy and my hubby and I have both lost weight..   The change in my son however has been most dramatic.. He is a 5 year old mercury poisoned child