I received this e-mail from my Friend Bradley (Dr.) today, and I thought I would share it. I have been taken Goji berry for a year now as part of an herb regime prescribed by Bradley. My first conversations with Amchi Bradley a year ago were regarding the promotional products called Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which was bombarding the airways, Life in a bottle for only $69.95. The Clinical Analysis of Wolfberry indicates almost the same ingredients as found in any of the formulas for the promotional HGH and HGH Hype. Since beginning my Goji berries, I have been able to stop taking all my Prescribed Pharmaceutical Medications; High Blood Pressure, Anti-inflammatory, Codeine, Happy Pills, etc. I highly recommend the benefits of these berries, and support Dr. Bradley his practice, and his research in any way I can. Thought you might be interested and Wanted to Share.
John & Sami Messinger, Inn Keepers

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