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Goji Seed Testimonials

“In my own findings, the best place to get dried Goji’s is www.gojiberry.com talk to Julia and tell her Michael from Detroit sent you along.

100% of my berries from her sprouted! I don’t get any kick backs or anything from her…yet…lol…but I get a kick out of knowing I can bring more business to her.

They are family owned and operated and her husband is a Tibetan Medicine Practitioner. Worthy of all capital first letters. I took the plants from SEED to BERRY in 2 seasons while over wintering them in pots TWICE! What this means is this plant is Extremely hardy. So – your Goji’s by the end of this year would be multi-stem and around 4-6ft high depending on when you start growing them. All of the plants we did grow are being kept for production and experimentation. These plants express a luminous, shimmering silverbluegreen presence with airy long branching, similar to forsythia or red stem dogwood. This plant can be left to grow wild, or pruned into geometric hedges. It can even be grown as a vine.

I have read that the bark is anti-bacterial. The leaves taste AMAZING and are great in salads and tea. The berry is worthy of rolling around in naked. This is an exceptional plant. Get your order in now at orders@gojiberry.com for seeds and berries. Watch my video at http://www.indiedibles.com/2010/01/your-new-goji-berry-bushes/#more-21” ~ Michael P

“I have sent an e-mail before about this but figure I would let you know again. My wife and I ordered a bag of the dried berries and they are so delicious. They also give you such a long lasting energy. I tried taking the seeds out of one or two of them and planting them. They grow wonderfully. The plant I started 2 years ago and put outside last spring came back this spring and is now about 5 feet tall with branches that flow out and down like a willow. It has already blossomed and is now forming berries much to our delight. I started four more this past winter inside and planted them outside at the beginning of Spring.

They are growing great. I believe they love this Texas Panhandle weather. I am starting a bunch more and will grow a wall of them all around my 3/4′s of an acre of which most is vegetable garden. We cannot thank you enough for bringing such a wonderful plant to this country and giving me something so good for me to grow. You can use this in your testimonials if you wish. Everyone needs to know about this wonderful plant. Wishing you peace and prosperity.” David and Joy H. ~ Texas

Dear Gojiberry,

I feel it necessary to let your company know what a great job you are doing. Last month I tried your Berries and was blown away with the first-rate scrumptiousness and heartiness they had to offer. This product was the best I have ever tried and when I called your customer service number to ask them about the ingredients they went out of their way to make sure I was treated nice and got the information I needed.

Your Berries were so lip-smacking and inexpensive that I decided to share it with my community at my monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting and do a demonstration on how fantastic they were to my members.

Have a magnificent day and please tell your customer service department thank you for being so caring. I promise I will remember you guys next time I am on http://eopinions.com or one of those web sites! I just planted the germinated seeds last week and they are sprouting now with one of them about four inches high already.
Sandy NJ

“I was impressed with the extensive information that was included with my first order. Other sites where I had previously inquired could not even answer simple questions and responded with things like “what company are you with?”. But you provided far more education on the product than I had hoped to expect. Now I know why this is so much better than the cheap pre-packaged “lycium fruit” at my local Asia market. I planted them in little containers and now already have several plants about ten inches high. thanks again!”

Bev. C. Mn