Sweetest Julia: Your loving hearts and messages on invoices and inside delivery boxes force me to conclude that you must be the most happily married woman on the planet. I wonder only whether eating the berries led to your sweetness or was it your own sweetness that drew you to the berries. Loving your berries

Thank you very much for the information. A co-worker had purchased berries from your web site and we were able to perform a taste test. My “goji” berries bought from Himalania Distributed by BrandStorm, Inc. were clearly inferior, yours taste so much better! Thanks for bringing such a quality product to market and for working

These berries are the best I have ever tasted! I have purchased several brands and yours are clearly the best! Brian P.

We’ve already been finishing up the 3rd bag, Julia.  Thanks to the Goji berries, we’ve been feeling much better.  My stiffness seems to be easing up and I don’t seem to get a throbbing headache as I used to. Sooo, thank you very much once again.   Blessings to you & your family!

Dear Julia: I received a bag of Goji berries this morning. Thank you again for your consideration and professionalism. Wish you and all your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.   Sincerely yours, JC

Hi Julia: Thank you so much for your kind words!  I’m writing to you as I munch on the berries, ha ha… we just love them.  I’d like to try some recipes on your site as well.  You’re welcome to use my comment if you don’t mind omitting my last name.  It might be a

I have recieved the pack of Goji berries….very delightful. They taste much better than the goji berry’s that are sold at a health food store out here in southern california called “whole foods” have you heard of this company? Thank you for sending me this email. I will call you this monday to place another

Hi Julia, Many thanks for the goji berries which I recieved on Friday and have been eagerly devouring. In the beginning I detected a faint bitter aftertaste and then became normal tasting even slightly sweet, I soon became used to it. I feel like eating them all the time and have been going over the