Hi Dr. Bradley.  I have been telling people about your Tibetan Goji berries as a possible cure for their psoriasis.  I know several have ordered from you and are having success getting rid of it.  Connie Marsh and Dee Burns come to mind.
Dee Burns has suffered from it for maybe up to twenty years.  I saw her recently after she’d been on your berries for about four months and her hands and skin on her arms was smooth and clear.  You should be writing about this in your material.  My psoriasis went away and when it tries to come back I just dose it good for several days (Taking l/4 C. of berries each day does it) and I’ve been able to keep it at bay.This certainly beats the normal treatment of cortisone. Who wants to use that for life? Not me and thanks to you I don’t.
It took me about four months of daily large doses (up to l cup) a day for it to clear up my skin.  Well worth it!  Thanks!  Good Wishes to you and your family.
Bobbie Klahn

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