Since 1976 The Tibetan Goji Berry Company has been promoting Goji berries and working to preserve endangered botanicals used in the Tibetan medical monasteries for the making of Tibetan herbal medicines. Our relationships with the growers, harvesters and farms throughout these regions began in 1974. We are a well experienced supplier of organic goji and many special botanicals and we selling to food distributors who then supply to their wholesale buyers.

These farms produce organic Goji berries but also produce botanicals used in the making of Tibetan medicines that are traditionally made at Tibetan medical monasteries. It has never been a practice to use pesticides on these farms and would never be considered. Many of these botanicals are now available for the world market and that list is seen below.

We know from our experience that it is because of the farms sustainable harvesting and semi wild propagation techniques that allow for the rich nutritional density these botanicals provide. The rich viable active nutrients are much stronger than common commercially grown botanicals.

goji berry

Our customers ordering by the pallet load, ton and container load will have their organic goji packed in 10 kg bags with four bags to a case.

Our unique Tibetan Goji is also reflected in the high quality of our Goji powder which has been a best seller for many years and recognized as the highest quality.

Goji berry prices are seen below our botanical Special Series List.

Our Botanical Products

We provide many botanical water soluble extract powders and liquid extracts like Seabuckthorn, Astragalus, Ginseng, Maca, Blueberry, Rhodiola R., Resveratrol, Reishi, Olive leaf and many more suitable for food and nutraceutical manufacturers and bulk buyers, and they will be valued and appreciated by your customers.

MulberryMulberry powder

New to our product lineup is organic dried Mulberry and Mulberry powder, it is a lovely deep purple and priced at $11.80 a kg based on 1000 kg. That is an excellent price for organic Mulberry powder and down in price from last years $12.80 per kg.

Mulberry picking

The Goji berry, Mulberry and Seabuckthorn powder prices are seen below our botanical list.
Our Tibetan gown Goji comes from the Amdo region of Tibet and we supply all documentation with customer orders.



Our organic goji powder has been a best seller for many years and recognized as the highest quality available
and that information is below The Special Series List chart.

special series list

These botanical materials are perfectly suitable for any application; food, cosmetic and nutraceutical.

To ensure high quality of these botanicals the labs test the herbs using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and high pressure Liquid Chromatography before, during and after processing to make sure all the active components are present, intact and of the highest quality.
Great care is taken to also ensure that the delicate essential oils and bio active nutrients are not lost in the powdering or extracting process. Depending on the herb or part of the plant, temperatures are maintained between 80 and 108 degrees celsius using strict hygienic standards. They are extracted in vacuum sealed chambers that allow for precise control over the temperature and retaining all the essential oils and bio active components.

The Botanical Powders List

Botanical powder list

The Organic Mulberry powder price is down from last year at $12.80 kg
$11.60 / kg CIF Sea port based on 1MT (metric ton)
$ 10.40 /kg CIF Sea port based on 5MT

Organic Seabuckthorn powder
$9.90 /kg CIF Sea port based on 1MT.

Organic Goji Berry Powder
Price: $10.90 / kg CIF based on 1,000kg (one ton)
Price: $ 9.20 / kg CIF based on 10,000kg
Lead time: 7 days
Packing: 25kg / drum
Delivery Time: About 16 days depending on your location.

goji berryPrice: USD $11.80 kg./ MT CIF sea based on 20’ (11MT) one container load
Prices subject to change during the season. Check again at time of order.

If less quantity is required, please contact us for special pricing

We would be honored to be your Goji berry supplier as well as for our special botanicals listed above. We look forward to hearing from you.

May your future be bright and filled with our botanical extracts, powders and whole Goji dried fruit!

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The Tibetan Goji Berry Company

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