The Tibetan Goji Berry Company


It has been 3 to 4 years now since I first started eating goji berries I bought from you. The most amazing miracle I noticed was NO knee pain after the first 3 weeks of eating generous amounts of these berries soaked in drinking water (your recommendation). I drank the soaking water as well. I finished off 3 bags of goji berries in this time frame, and I suddenly realized that I no longer had the intense knee pain that I had lived with for over a year & a half. No only that, but my knees were no longer weak or susceptible to knee pain. I did not take the berries for this, so I had to quickly go look up why they might have this affect, and sure enough they are a natural anti-inflammatory. I have been on the goji berries off and on through these years, and even in my off times the knee pain and weakness has NEVER returned. I find this absolutely amazing. I don’t eat near this many goji berries now, even when I do eat them–1/4 cup per serving is plenty enough for me for a day now. I often do not eat them but once or twice a week now. I always want goji berries on hand & to keep them a part of my health program.

Shalom Blessings, Pamela

Interesting. I got some from a few other places over the years and just recently from Nuts Online, their organic Goji berries did not give me the energy and suspect they are actually Chinese wolfberries being sold as Goji. I have never found the same quality anywhere nor the same effect as from eating the Tibetan goji berries I got from your company. At this point I see no point in eating any other variety as they just don’t work. Please send another five bags.

Saul P. NY

Please send me more! My dogs ate the whole bag and my husband is pissed. My dogs are very happy though. LOL!

Maria L. Alaska

There truly is healing energy in those berries! My arthritis is completely gone! It was so bad I could not get up a simple flight of three steps! This healing began after eating my way through three bags and only two months. They are now part of my everyday nutrition.

Bernie in Vermont loves you guys!

I have sent an e-mail before about this but figure I would let you know again. My wife and I ordered a bag of the dried berries and they are so delicious. They also give you such a long lasting energy. I tried taking the seeds out of one or two of them and planting them. They grow wonderfully. The plant I started 2 years ago and put outside last spring came back this spring and is now about 5 feet tall with branches that flow out and down like a willow. It has already blossomed and is now forming berries much to our delight. I started four more this past winter inside and planted them outside at the beginning of Spring. They are growing great. I believe they love this Texas Panhandle weather. I am starting a bunch more and will grow a wall of them all around my 3/4′s of an acre of which most is vegetable garden. We cannot thank you enough for bringing such a wonderful plant to this country and giving me something so good for me to grow. You can use this in your testimonials if you wish. Everyone needs to know about this wonderful plant. Wishing you peace and prosperity.

David and Joy Howze – Spur, Texas

My children love your Goji berries and my teenage daughter’s skin had really bad eczema and has almost completely cleared. Her skin is is radiant and clear.
Thank you!

C. Griffith – Mn

You should know that I think your Goji berries are the best I have every encountered. I see many packages of Goji’s from different companies and have tried several of them because they were there in the grocery store. But they really were a huge disappointment. Why are your berries not in the grocery stores? So many people must be buying the wrong goji berries and they should be using yours. I checked and your company has been doing this the longest 1977, I understand you are the main supplier of this original Tibetan Goji berry , but you should get a better distributor so they can be in more grocery and health food stores.

Ben Markus – Ca

The nausea I am experiencing from my chemo treatments have subsided since I began using your Goji berries and I am so thankful. God Bless you!

Suzi Senhelm – Boston

I am a caregiver to cancer patients and several years ago began using your Goji berries as part of my support to them. The variety of results are nothing less then a miracle. The sullen moods are lifted into a brighter state of being, actual happiness radiated from most of them. The emaciated began growing muscle mass, the fatigued strengthen by the day, mental well being was the dominate feature exhibited by them all. I carry your bags of berries where ever I go. Thank you for helping me help them.

Carrie Zenestski RI

Thank you so very much for your reply & clearing up my concerns!!!

My husband and I have been eating the berries as if we couldn’t stop.  They’re truly delicious.  We started having them since last Tuesday and the whole bag is almost gone.  We live in Hawaii, so we’ll make sure to keep them in a fridge after we open a bag. Some friends in Las Vegas don’t have an access to Internet.  So I’ll have them call you for their orders.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, Julia!!!!!

Dear Goji people,

Thank you for all of your help! We got our package of Goji berries last week and have been eating them every day and have
been feeling better each day. Pains in my joints have almost disappeared. Its amazing that just a food can make you feel so much better.
Bette J.

I have bought berries from your company and they are the best tasting I’ve tried. I’ve tried them all!
Thanks for the info and support!


I bought some goji berries from mr malibu as per your vendor list in my area–they are much tastier than the chinese ones we got at Whole foods! We would love to taste fresh goji berries–do you sell plants or seeds to plant?

thanks, JoAnn Key

I am currently staying in Hilo Hawaii, USA & would like information on Local Vendors. I recently purchased 1kg of the Chinese variety (Lycium barbarum) that they called Goji & am experiencing severe headaches & itching all over my body which I Strongly suspect is due to consuming them. I will go back to the “Health Food Store” where I purchased them; mention your web site & report my physical condition to them. I would like to order from you, please send order information.
Please RSVP.
Thank You,
Concerned citizen

Hi Julia,

Many thanks for the goji berries which I recieved on Friday and have been eagerly devouring. In the beginning I detected a faint bitter aftertaste and then became normal tasting even slightly sweet, I soon became used to it. I feel like eating them all the time and have been going over the limit of 1/4 cup a day. Hence my query: is it safe to eat a cup or more of berries a day? It has lessened my cravings and appetite, plus my achy shoulders are paining much less than usual. All in less than 3 days. I haven’t noticed any other benefits as yet, but I do know eating them makes me feel happy. How strange is that?



I have recieved the pack of Goji berries….very delightful. They taste much better than the goji berry’s that are sold at a health food store out here in southern california called “whole foods” have you heard of this company? Thank you for sending me this email. I will call you this monday to place another order. Be well!

Hi Julia:

Thank you so much for your kind words!  I’m writing to you as I munch on the berries, ha ha… we just love them.  I’d like to try some recipes on your site as well.  You’re welcome to use my comment if you don’t mind omitting my last name.  It might be a small way, but we would like to continue talking about this genuine Goji berry to my family and friends to spread your wonderful work.

I’m so glad that I came across with your web site and contacted you for more info..  Otherwise, we might have been trying a different kind of berry believing it’s an authentic Goji berry.

Thank you once again, Julia.  Please keep up your great work!

Dear Julia:

I received a bag of Goji berries this morning.
Thank you again for your consideration and professionalism.
Wish you and all your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.

Sincerely yours,

Wow! thanks for the info.! I will be ordering from one of the sources you listed.
Thanks again!

We’ve already been finishing up the 3rd bag, Julia.  Thanks to the Goji berries, we’ve been feeling much better.  My stiffness seems to be easing up and I don’t seem to get a throbbing headache as I used to.

Sooo, thank you very much once again.

Blessings to you & your family!

These berries are the best I have ever tasted! I have purchased several brands and yours are clearly the best!
Brian P.

Thank you very much for the information. A co-worker had purchased berries from your web site and we were able to perform a taste test. My “goji” berries bought from Himalania Distributed by BrandStorm, Inc. were clearly inferior, yours taste so much better! Thanks for bringing such a quality product to market and for working so diligently on maintaining integrity in the product. I’ll be placing an order today. Your Goji berries are _way_ better tasting!

Sweetest Julia:
Your loving hearts and messages on invoices and inside delivery boxes force me to conclude that you must be the most happily married woman on the planet.
I wonder only whether eating the berries led to your sweetness or was it your own sweetness that drew you to the berries.
Loving your berries

Thank you Goji Berry People!

Hi.. My entire family (including the dog and cat!!) have been on the berries now for about 5  months.. We are all feeling more positive energy and my hubby and I have both lost weight..

The change in my son however has been most dramatic.. He is a 5 year old mercury poisoned child (from vaccinations) and in the autistic spectrum.. He is now much more organized in his movements and thoughts and is starting to talk and is nodding yes and no in order to communicate his desires.. One of the first words he started to say was “Goji Berry”  .. or MY GOJIS.

My son was ‘normal ‘ up until his 18 mos vaccinations after which his arm became swollen, he slept for 3 days had a fever and then after a short period of time, started to lose skills, like talking , coordination, anger management skills ,etc.. previously my son had none of these problems and was just an extremely active toddler.

He eats your Goji berries constantly  .. we have gone ? thru the 11 pound bag in a about 2 months.. and we will be ordering more very soon.   He is on his way to a full recovery, we also have been using homeopathy (thimerisol remedy) and a special diet, along a with a full day therapy program.

Many of the berries he gets do end up on the floor and the cat and the dog scramble over to eat them.. My dog is almost 10 years old and people confuse him for a puppy due to his sleek appearance and abundance of energy..  I also pour the water I use to soak the berries on my animals food in order to give them extra vitamins.
I tell everyone ‘Try goji berries, you won’t be disappointed.’

Tara Lubin

Hi Julia,

Well, you can add this story.  I spent Monday night at the ranch of my microscope dealer, a Swiss man married to a Canadian woman.  One of the horses, a precious Andalusian mare had been involuntarily forced into premature motherhood.  Klaus said the horse had been depressed ever since her encounter with the stud.  I spent some time talking to her about her pregnancy and told her I had some special berries in the car that I would bring her.  She waited and waited for me to come back.  Then, I put a few on the palm of my left hand.  They stuck to her teeth and I assured her that this was okay, she could chew some grass afterwards and it would be fine.  She ate the grass and then asked for more berries, ate some grass, more berries, more grass, more berries.  Well, she was one happy horse after about half an hour of this.

Many blessings,


Julia -

I received the goji and everything is great!  Our UPS delivery didn’t come until 8:00 pm – very late.

So thanks for being patient with me and thank you so much for your efficient and correct delivery!
I wish some of my other vendors were as reliable.

Hope to be doing much more business with you in the future…


Lori Minnich

Dear Goji,

I tried your berries and found them an essential power of healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also help pack these precious Goji berries and find my disposition and outlook on life has improved.
Part of this may be because I have more quality time with my daughter while working together with the goji berries.
I am so proud of her spirtual journey and her spiritual practices on a daily basis, her kindness to others as well as her dedication to her family
is overwhelming and healing to our spirit.
I want to take this time to say great work Julia and I love you very much.

With love and respect Mom

Dear Goji folks,

My son and I have been enjoying the berries for about three months now and he does not seem to display his hyper activity, he is more on an even keel and can focus his thoughts. I feel I have so much more energy and focus too. We have been using a few recipes from your recipe page and have tried putting the berries in our water bottles and that is a great way to hydrate the berries and eat them as you drink the juice. Thank you for supplying these berries and helping my family.

Roy B. | Brentwood, Ca

dear sir or madam,

i recently tasted your goji berries and fell in love
with the flavor….  my goodness this must be one of the best kept
secrets in the World!!

Anyway, I would like to order 5 bags please so provide me the
information to proceed….

thank you for your help and assistance, i am most excited to have found
your product!!  Here is to good health and longevity!!
kind regards,

patty stewart

hi there

I have my own buisness and would like to buy wholesale, I think my clients would be gratefull to say the least when they try the goji berry. have sold many products but nothing so natural as this. This berry does a lot for the body in such a little amount of time, I am amazed.

Thank You!
V. G.

Hi Dr. Bradley.  I have been telling people about your Tibetan Goji berries as a possible cure for their psoriasis.  I know several have ordered from you and are having success getting rid of it.  Connie Marsh and Dee Burns come to mind.

Dee Burns has suffered from it for maybe up to twenty years.  I saw her recently after she’d been on your berries for about four months and her hands and skin on her arms was smooth and clear.  You should be writing about this in your material.  My psoriasis went away and when it tries to come back I just dose it good for several days (Taking l/4 C. of berries each day does it) and I’ve been able to keep it at bay.This certainly beats the normal treatment of cortisone. Who wants to use that for life? Not me and thanks to you I don’t.

It took me about four months of daily large doses (up to l cup) a day for it to clear up my skin.  Well worth it!  Thanks!  Good Wishes to you and your family.

Bobbie Klahn

Dear Goji friends,

I have to tell you that what you are providing has changed my life! I have been using the berries for two months and my eye sight has improved about thirty percent and I have changed my prescription glasses down to a lower magnification. I may not need glasses in a year. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!
I just love these precious little berries!

Dr. M. B. Seeth

My two children and I have been using your Tibetan Goji berries in our morning cereal for about six months now. I have to say that they have made a big difference my two children’s ability to concentrate and stay focused. They are less manic and have a happy attitude. WOW! Thank you so much for making these available. Maty W.

Greetings Dr. Bradley,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for sometime, but have been busy.  Over
a month ago I went to my new doctor (old one retired and he took over his
practice).  We discussed various things..among them was how my psorasis has
practically disappeared. I told him it was due to the goji berries.  He wants
to get some and try them on some of his patients that have had no luck with
treatments he has used.  I suggest you contact him and perhaps send him a
sample?  I use them to keep mine under control.  I take maybe l/4 C. a day
when it flares up and it settles right down.  To get to this point though,
I took massive doses … as much as a l/2 a cup or 3/4 of a cup every day
… for probably at least a month.  Hope all is well with you.

Bobbie K


I want to thank you for getting me to try the Goji berries.
I can now walk without the use of my medications and I feel happy. I use a
handful everyday and I think my eyesight is getting better too. Thank you
so much!

Ella Cartwright

Incidentally, we shared the batch of Goji berries with a couple
friends one of whom is saying the berries are affecting his dreams which seem
to be more vivid and he is sure they are influencing them. He is eating the
berries like there is no tomorrow and will probably be ordering more before
long. I really like the berries and I’ve noticed a change in the quality of
my dreams also. I am a writer/communicator and when I really like something
and believe in it, I inspire people to explore it. These berries are going
to save lives and I know that.

Take care,
Pamela P.

Thanks so much for these wonderful  berries.  I wanted to test
them before having any chemical reactions to get a baseline.  It really helped
me clear my mind fog.  Also, having caught the island upper respiratory virus
- I have found it helps my lungs amazingly.

Dawn M

I love my berries!  I’ve been eating them since they arrived–usually
about 1/4 cup daily, and my painful wrists and ankles have felt increasingly
better, stronger, and with a better range of movement.  i noticed improvements
within the first month.  Overall, my energy and mood are balanced and consistent–an
asset in a professional schedule that is continually different, and subject
to change!!  thank you for taking the effort to make such a wonderful food
available to us!  i keep some berries with me at all times, so that i can
keep myself nourished when i can’t get lunch! These Tibetan Goji berries
are clearly different from the Chinese wolfberries i bought in China town.
The Goji berries make me feel better, they taste better and i am so happy
about having them in my life.

B Engle

hi!  my shipment of the Goji berries arrived on christmas eve…better
than santa claus!  and the perfect birthday present for me (12/25)!! I use
the berries in my morning smoothie and in cereals and cooked rice. I am not
depressed anymore and wake up with a buoyant energy!

Thank you!
Beth Arnold, Ca

Wow ! Thanks! It’s great eating something so healthy that is
so yummy.


I received this e-mail from my Friend Bradley (Dr.) today, and
I thought I would share it. I have been taken Goji berry for a year now as
part of an herb regime prescribed by Bradley. My first conversations with
Amchi Bradley a year ago were regarding the promotional products called Human
Growth Hormone (HGH), which was bombarding the airways, Life in a bottle for
only $69.95. The Clinical Analysis of Wolfberry indicates almost the same
ingredients as found in any of the formulas for the promotional HGH and HGH
Hype. Since beginning my Goji berries, I have been able to stop taking all
my Prescribed Pharmaceutical Medications; High Blood Pressure, Anti-inflammatory,
Codeine, Happy Pills, etc. I highly recommend the benefits of these berries,
and support Dr. Bradley his practice, and his research in any way I can. Thought
you might be interested and Wanted to Share.

John & Sami Messinger,
Inn Keepers

These berries are awesome! I have lost thirty pounds and have
more energy then ever. My blood pressure is not considered high anymore and
my cholesterol has lowered. It is true what they say about these berries,
they do make you smile!

Sean Artmire

My tongue is definately less furrowed, and is not sore anymore.
I lost weight and people are saying, you look good! The Goji berries are also
helping clear my skin. I am less anxious and feel really good. Thank you for
all of it! be well and happy!

Stephen P